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Kenya's Kilifi fishermen want deadline to comply with rules extended by MAUREEN ONGALA August 27,2019   |  Source: The Nation

Thousands of fishermen in Kilifi County in Kenya risk being locked out of their fishing carrier if they will not have complied with the new fishing rules and regulations in the Fisheries Management and Development Act, 2016.

The Act has banned the use of monofilament gill nets for fishing and requires fishermen to have the recommended gears and equipment before they are issued with licenses.

On Monday, the fishermen, who had converged to find the way forward, appealed to the national government to extend the October deadline for renewal of fishing licenses to allow them comply with the new law before being approved to work.

The fishermen expressed fears that most of them will be forced to stay out of the waters since they cannot afford the recommended fishing gears.

Led by Kilifi Boat Operators Association Chairman Shallo Issa, the fishermen called on the Kilifi County government to intervene and purchase gill nets and fishing boats for them before they are banned from fishing.

“Most of our fishermen are using illegal fishing nets and boats which have been prohibited by the government. The law is being enforced and this means that, automatically, we have been locked out of fishing,” said Mr Issa.

Speaking at Kilifi Old Ferry Beach, Mr Issa said it is a blow


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