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Libyan security seizes unlicensed Italian fishing boat July 25,2019   |  Source: Xinhua

Libyan security on Wednesday announced seizing an unlicensed Italian fishing boat in the Libyan national waters with 7 crew members on board.

The boat's crew included five Italians and two Tunisians, Libyan security said in a statement.

The boat has been taken to Misurata sea port, some 200 km east of the capital Tripoli, the statement said, confirming that the crew is currently under investigation.

Libyan authorities have consistently announced seizing unlicensed bulldozers and fishing boats off the Libyan coast, particularly from Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey and Italy.

Libyan authorities usually release arrested fishermen after payment of fines, confiscating their boats, and pledge not to engage in illegal fishing activities in Libyan waters.


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