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LF Originals launches new show on sustainable fishing ‘Fisheries of India’ July 09,2019   |  Source: Television Post

The digital extension of Living Foodz that hosts original digital content on Food, Travel & Lifestyle, launches its new show ‘Fisheries of India’ under its digital series ‘Local Produce’ on its Facebook page. The show will be speaking on sustainable fishing and how it is the need of the hour.

With Fisheries of India, LF Originals aims to bring the efforts of Mr. Ganesh Nakhawa to the limelight. A 7th generation fisherman from Karanja in Uran, he is also the Director of Fisheries along that coastal area. Funded by the government, he has been lauded for his unique methods that have helped increase catch and bring back the equilibrium in marine ecology.

Suggestive to the name of the show, this series is all about insights into the fishing culture and the methods that India must adopt to make the practice sustainable and curb aggressive overfishing off India’s coasts.

In every episode of Fisheries of India, LF Originals aims to uncover the various facets of fishing in India. Episode 1 covers the basics – ‘What is fishing?’ ‘What is a continental shelf?’ and ‘Different methods of fishing’. Episode 2 raises awareness of the orthodox methods and their impact versus the modern methods of fishing and how results are achieved.

It also speaks of how


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