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Will Barbados become the land of the amberfish? June 23,2019   |  Source: Dominica News Online

Is there anything more Barbadian than the flyingfish? Barbados is known the world over as the ‘land of the flyingfish’. But for several years now, flyingfish has been really scarce and the prices at Barbadian fish markets have risen sharply in response. Now it is the public who is crying out in disbelief ‘$30 fuh 10?‘ and the restaurants proclaiming that flyingfish is off the menu!

Scientists at the University of the West Indies and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) are now working together with fishers to try to make some sense of why flyingfish catches are ‘real dead’ right now, with everybody crying out about the fish prices.

Fishers have noticed more and more green water replacing the pretty blue water on traditional fishing grounds in recent years. These green waters are well known to fishers as they are the result of seasonal influxes of river water coming from South American rivers, such as the Orinoco and the Amazon.

Although fisherfolk were accustomed to short periods of green water during particular months, they are now facing unusual amounts of green water that can appear anytime and last long, seriously affecting their ability to catch fish. This gradual change over the past decade or so is forcing Barbadian


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