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Seized fishing boat sunk as artificial reef in Malaysia by Patimang Abdul Ghani June 24,2019   |  Source: Daily Express

A Vietnamese fishing vessel which was seized by the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) was sunk at a depth of 17 metres to be used as an artificial reef in the waters of Kampung Tajau Laut, near here, Sunday.

The disposal of the vessel was carried out by the Sabah Fisheries Department and witnessed by State Agriculture and Food Industries Minister Datuk Junz Wong.

Wong said this is the first time the Sabah Government had disposed of such a vessel, because previously boats seized for violating laws would be auctioned.

“The discarded vessel is a foreign fishing boat that was previously held following an offence under Section 34 of the Fisheries Act 1985 and the Kota Kinabalu Court had ordered the boat to be forfeited,” he told reporters after the submerging of the vessel.

He said the disposal of the vessel showed the Sabah Government’s seriousness in addressing encroachment issues, especially when it involved exploitation of Sabah’s marine resources.

“As such, this is a warning to foreign fishermen who are encroaching and stealing marine resources in Sabah waters and I hope the destruction of this vessel will serve as a lesson to those involved.

“The sunken vessel will be turned into an artificial reef for the benefit of the fishing


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