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Vietnamese rescuers kept Filipino fishermen warm, fed them noodles and rice after boat sinking incident June 21,2019   |  Source: Yahoo News

The crew members of the Vietnamese vessel that rescued 22 Filipino fishermen whose watercraft was rammed and left to sink by a Chinese fishing boat near Reed Bank (Recto Bank) have gone public and told Vietnamese news website VnExpress that they rescued their Filipino counterparts because any seafarer would have done the same thing.

The Vietnamese also gave an account of what happened, which matched the Filipinos’ retelling of the incident. In an interview published yesterday, the owner and captain of the Vietnamese fishing boat recounted how their crew rescued the Filipinos, whom they kept warm and fed rice and noodles after finding them at sea fighting to stay afloat.

Ngo Van Theng is the owner of the fishing boat TGTG-90983-TS, which was captained by Nguyen Thanh Tam. The two said their crew woke up at 1am on June 10, after hearing the voices of men speaking in a foreign language. When the boat’s crew checked where the voices were coming from, they saw two unidentified men aboard two separate boats waving their hands, as if asking the Vietnamese crew for help.

The men were JP Gordiones and Justine Pascual, members of the Filipino crew who were sent out by captain Junel Insigne to ask for help after their boat sank, according to the Filipinos’ separate account

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