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Coastal communities in Morocco strive to preserve sustainable small-scale fishing by Indre Anskaityte May 11,2019   |  Source: Slow Fish

With 3500 kilometers of coast, Morocco has a strong tradition of maritime fisheries, but its waters are ever more threatened: industrial fishing is plundering the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

At the same time the markets are ridden with farmed and invasive species that have no connection with the local culture. On May 10, Slow Fish with guests from Morocco discussed how local communities can put truly sustainable development into action.

Latifah Dibe leads the Moroccan Association of Women from Tigri, which focuses on sustainable harvesting of mussels and seashells in the province of Tiznit, in the south of Morocco. In a small seaside village overlooking rocky cliffs, women gather seafood using a centuries-old traditional mussel harvesting methods. Their job can be dangerous, as the Atlantic Ocean has strong currents. The association, which was created a few years ago, has already made some progress in terms of better coordinating the womens’ work and gaining recognition of the womens’ role in the community.

“The mussels that are harvested are the key ingredient in household diets; our organization helps to promote the sale and marketing of these traditional products. The Association aims to create the right context and conditions to ensure the


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