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Coast counties in Kenya allot Sh628 mn to fishing by Samuel Baya May 07,2019   |  Source: Business Daily

The Coast counties of Kwale, Kilifi and Mombasa in Kenya have allocated a total of Sh628 million to the fishing sector.

Fishing is among the blue economy sectors both the national and the county governments are keen at addressing.

In their 2019/2020 estimates, Kwale has allocated a total of Sh30 million towards fisheries development, Kilifi allocating Sh112 million with Mombasa allocating Sh486 million towards agriculture, fisheries, livestock and co-operatives, which represent 3.6 per cent of the county budget.

In Kilifi, the Sh73 million will go towards fisheries development while Sh26 million will be allocated for fisheries projects to be undertaken in the respective wards in the county while Sh12 million will go towards administration costs.

In Mombasa, however, the allocation has been reduced by Sh12 million. In the last financial year, the Governor Joho-led administration allocated Sh499 million towards the sector. In the 2019/2020 estimates, the devolved government has allocated Sh486 million.

The counties are currently implementing various initiatives meant to address the sector. A report titled ‘A gem by the Indian Ocean’, Kilifi county government has engaged in constructing several fish depots in all major fish landing sites.

Kilifi Governor


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