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Gaza fishermen swamped by Israeli gunboats and water cannon July 25,2011   |  Source: ICSF by the end of Monday 13th June. The deadline for public comment on the final draft of the ?Standards for Responsible Salmon Aquaculture? is next week on Tuesday 14th June. WWF, the Aquaculture Stewardship Council, Marine Harvest and other industry interests are shamefully attempting to railroad through an ?environmental? and ?social? standard which allows: - waste pollution and chemical contamination - killing of wildlife including marine mammals - sea lice infestation and the spread of infectious diseases - the farming of non-native species - escapes - unsustainable and non-certified fish feed - transgenic plants including GM soya in feed - copper-treated nets and biocides for antifouling - use of antibiotics - use of toxic chemicals such as cypermethrin and emamectin benzoate - mortality rates of 20% - deaths of workers The proposed standard also ignores fish welfare and food safety issues although it is presented by the ASC as a ?credible consumer label?. If you thought the MSC was bad news for wild fish then think again ? the ASC could be even worse for farmed fish! Unless the process is derailed the ASC will certify farmed salmon as early as December this year. If you don?t want farmed salmon being certified please make your voice heard by opposing the standards

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