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Somalia: 'Illegal foreign fishing trawlers in Puntland waters', says Mayor of Bayla May 21,2012   |  Source: Garowe Online

Mayor of Bayla district Saeed Adan Ali said on Monday that there are two illegal fishing trawlers currently in Puntland waters, Garowe Online reports.

Mayor Saeed of Bayla, a coastal district in Karkaar region, said that there are two foreign trawlers illegally fishing just two nautical miles off of the coast of Bayla. "On Sunday night two foreign trawlers were in Bayla's waters, these trawlers are committing serious damage to our coast and its people," said Mayor Saeed.

According to Mayor Saeed, foreign trawlers have been entering the district's waters for a long period time, which has had a serious impact on fishermen's livelihoods in the region.

"Foreign trawlers have been operating in Puntland waters since the collapse of Siad Barre's government, they not only illegally fish off our coast but they over-fish and destroy marine habitats, having a huge affect on our fishermen," said Mayor Saeed.

Mayor Saeed stated that they were not capable of stopping the trawlers from illegally fishing, adding that the trawlers have come even closer to the coast when realizing that authorities were helpless.

Illegal fishing off of the coast of Somalia has been rampant since the collapse of the government in 1991. Illegal fishing vessels use drag nets, traps, and trawl nets


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