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Missing popular fish species back in India's Lake Chilika May 21,2012   |  Source: IBN

The bad news was ‘Ilishi’, ‘Nahama’, ‘Paniakhia’, ‘Kalakhuranta’, ‘Kekenda’ and ‘Sebakhainga’ __ all popular fish species among Odia households __ had gone missing in Chilika. The good news: the latest assessment says the species are back in the 1,100 sq km brackish water lagoon.

The species are ilishi (Tenualosa ilisha), Nahama (Elops machnata), Paniakhia (Megalops cyprinoides), Kalakhuranta (Acanthopagrus berda), Kekenda (Rhynomugil corsula) and Sebakhainga (Chanos chanos). More importantly, most of these species have grown to reach commercial scale.

�The lagoon, which has registered a record landing in the last one year, has surprised its managers with the recovery of the lost species. During 2011-12, the annual production from the lake touched an all-time high of 14,228 metric tonne.

At a time when fishery resources are in a declining trend in global marine and coastal ecosystem, Chilika seems to be an exception. The hydrological intervention in Chilika lake in 2000 has been attributed to the resurfacing of the lake fishery. From a meagre 1,745 metric tonne in 1999-2000, the production has spiraled. The average fish landing during 2001-02 to 2009-10 was 11,676 metric tonne per annum. Along with the productivity of the fish, diversity of the


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