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9 S Korean fishermen who died helping Cheonan crew rescue honored March 30,2012   |  Source: English donga

Nine crewmen of the fishing boat Geumyang who died in a collision after finishing a search for missing seamen of the South Korean naval corvette Cheonan two years ago have been designated national heroes who died for just cause.

The Health and Welfare Ministry said Thursday that a second review committee on people who died and suffered injury for just cause for 2012 decided to honor 11 people, including the nine fishermen.

In April 2010, the Geumyang took part in a search operation for 18 minutes at the site of the Cheonan sinking at the request of the Naval Command. The vessel then collided with a Cambodian vessel while moving to its fishing site, and the nine fishermen on the boat died in the accident.

The fishermen were not recognized as heroes who died for just cause by a review committee for people who died and suffered injury for just cause in June that year. The Act on Respectful Treatment and Support of People Who Died and Suffered Injury for Just Cause suggests that such people should be “those who died or suffered injury as a result of direct and proactive actions meant to rescue people in imminent jeopardy.”

The committee held a heated debate over designating the fishermen, but the majority of committee members said the Geumyang’s collision could not


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