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FR news - Pakistan lifts ban on fishing launches November 14,2007   |  Source: ICSF |  Alert Type(s): , Samudra News Special

Fisheries and Livestock Adviser to Pakistan Chief Minister, Muhammad Jadam Mungrio, has lifted the ban that was recently imposed on fishing launches. The ban had been imposed on these launches by the European Union for they did not abide by the standards set to them but were removed as the fishermen faced difficulties in earning their livelihood. The ban was initially imposed in 2006 but was lifted on the request of the fishermen. It was re-imposed on July 31, 2007 and was extended till October 31, 2007 and finally the ban was imposed last week but was removed again owing to difficulties faced by the fishermen. The Sindh government has agreed to modify 200 launches every month and on this deal the ban has been lifted. The government also agreed to grant Rs290 million for this purpose of which Rs15 million has already been granted.

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