Local knowledge and fishery management: Background study for the 2009 Lombok workshop

This report aims to elaborate some local practices of fishery management in Indonesia, which are based on current local custom as well as local agreement used as the basis of fishery management. During its history, fishery management in Indonesia in fact began with the initiative from the local community’s understanding (local knowledge; customary knowledge) and later was institutionalized using the customary law system. In the process of development, these local practices have changed dynamically in terms of cultural, social, economical aspects and related cases of bio-ecological changes of water ecosystem as the base of fishery activities as management subject. Using in-situ investigation approach, a critical reference towards the possibility of local institution adoption in formal fishery management is conducted. Through this, some entry points are identified, towards local institution-based fishery management according to Laws No 31/2004 about Fisheries, article 6 in particular.


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