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Shore-based fishing operations: improving working conditions by Neena Koshy and Chandrika Sharma
  • Date:2007-08-01
  • Conference:Labour File, Volume No.5. Issue No. 3 & 4, May -August 2007. pp 20-23
From Genoa to Geneva: The making of the ILO work in fishing convention 2007 and the relevance of its provisions, by Sebastian Mathew
  • Date:2007-08-01
  • Conference:Labour File, Volume No.5. Issue No. 3 & 4, May -August 2007. pp 20-23
Social Implications of Capacity Reduction; Small-scale Fisheries Perspective, Chandrika Sharma
  • Date:2007-06-13
  • Conference:APFIC Regional Workshop on Managing Fishing Capacity and IUU Fishing in the Asian Region
Managing coastal areas:A fishing community perspective, Chandrika Sharma
  • Date:2007-05-25
  • Conference:Media Workshop on Coastal Issues:A collaboration of Kalp Vriksh-PANOS (South Africa)
An Introduction to the Proposed ILO Convention Concerning Work in the Fishing Sector, Sebastian Mathew
  • Date:2007-03-23
Fisheries Management in the Indian Context, Sebastian Mathew
  • Date:2007-03-22
  • Conference:CIFE-PREPARE National Workshop on Fisheries and Aquaculture Policy, 22-24 March 2007
Relevant Indicators and Basic Practices: National and Regional Experiences, Sebastian Mathew
  • Date:2007-03-02
  • Conference:UNEP-WWF Symposium Disciplining Fisheries Subsidies: Incorporating Sustainability at the WTO and Beyond
Community-Based Marine Fisheries Management (CFM), Sebastian Mathew
  • Date:2007-02-05
  • Conference:National Seminar on Enhancing Skills for Research & Development in Marine Fisheries,CMFRI, 5-7 Feb 2007
Sharma, Chandrika. 2006. Marine Protected Areas and Impact on Small-scale Fisheries: Who decides, Why, What and Where?.
  • Date:2006-10-25
Rural communities in a global marketplace--Can fisheries be a part of community sustainability?, Chandrika Sharma
  • Date:2006-09-21
  • Conference:Alaska's Fishing Communities : Harvesting the Future