The Latin American workshop will be held in São Paulo state, Brazil. The overall goal of the workshop is to strengthen the recognition of small-scale fisheries’ crucial contributions to global food security and nutrition, the importance of tenure rights in the sector, and social development.

The workshop is also an opportunity to take stock of how the SSF Guidelines are being implemented in Latin America to eradicate poverty, ensure food security and nutrition, and promote the tenure rights of small-scale fishing communities.

The workshop will include 45 participants from community-based organizations, national and international fishworker organizations, networks of women in fisheries, and civil society organizations from across Latin America and the Caribbean. The target groups will primarily be drawn from organizations involved with the preparation, negotiation and implementation of the SSF Guidelines in Latin America since 2011, such as the IPC’s Latin America Regional Group, as well as fishing communities and organizations that ICSF members work with in their local and national contexts.

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