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Issue No.25
  • :0973-1156
  • :July
  • :2007

The twenty-fifth issue of Yemaya features articles from Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Asia/ India

A Disaster in the Making

The Indian government is seeking to replace existing coastal regulation with reforms for coastal privatization. The impact on fishing communities, particularly women, will be devastating

By Nilanjana Biswas, writer and researcher on developmental issues

Home to more than 6 mn fisher people, India’s over 7,500-km long coastline has become something of a battleground in recent times. The only piece of legislation that protects India’s coasts is a notification issued in 1991: the Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) Notification. Although, in its original form, the notification offered some protection to fragile coastal ecosystems and made mention of the traditional rights of fishing communities, subsequently, numerous amendments and violations made mockery of the law. Today, the government is seeking to altogether dismantle the Notification and introduce in its place another Notification: the Coastal Zone Management (CZM) Notification.

There are numerous problems with this move. There has been no consultation with fishing communities— surely the primary stakeholders in such a process! Further, enacting new legislation without penalizing existing violatio