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Issue No.24
  • :ISSN 0973-1156
  • :March
  • :2007

This issue has articles from the Netherlands, India...

From the Editor

Dear Friends,

This issue of Yemaya features articles from Brazil, India and Europe, as well as information on resources available and forthcoming workshops.

As always, there is a focus on women’s organizations in fisheries and their efforts to get together around issues of common concern and to create networks of solidarity. The article from Brazil, for instance, documents the process by which women are consolidating their efforts to create a national organization of women in the fisheries sector, based on principles of solidarity, autonomy, democracy, respect of differences, and regard for the environment. Their struggle is for rights, and, as they put it, for life itself.

The article from Netherlands talks about an exchange programme in which women from the Dutch women-in-fisheries network, VinVis, hosted their counterparts from the Northern Ireland Women in Fisheries Network (NIWIF). The programme provided a chance for women from both networks to share their realities, and to energize and inspire one another. Interactions such as this are helping build up solidarity networks among women in the fisheries sector in Europe—small steps in a larger process. Thus, NIWIF is hosting the Second Conference