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Issue No.20
  • :December
  • :2005

Yemaya 20 carries writeups from countries like Uganda, Pakistan, South Korea etc

Africa / Uganda

Hopes amidst the nightmare

During a recent tour of France, Margaret Nakato, leader of the Katosi Women Fishing and Development Association (KWFDA) in Uganda, met consumers, Breton fishermen and NGOs as well as Herbert Sauper, who wrote and directed Darwin’s Nightmare, the vivid and controversial documentary film on the Nile Perch fisheries in Kenya. In this interview, conducted on 18 October 2005, Margaret discusses the film and the importance of networking among the fishworkers’ organizations of the South.

By Alain le Sann of the Collectif Pêche et Développement, and a member of ICSF

You have viewed Darwin’s Nightmare with the members of your co-operative. Would you say it’s a true picture of current conditions over there?

Generally, yes. It shows clearly that the wealth generated by the Nile Perch fisheries has not percolated to the local communities. It remains largely in the hands of Europeans, plant owners and the government. In Uganda, the fishing sector is a major contributor to the gross domestic product—accounting for nearly 20 per cent. In Katosi, w