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Issue No.18
  • :May
  • :2005

Yemaya 18 carries writeups from countries like India, Netherlands, Asia, Thailand etc

From the Editor

Dear Friends,

The tsunami of 26 December 2004 has been devastating. It has taken lives. It has destroyed livelihoods. It has rendered hundreds of thousands homeless. The scars and trauma will remain for a long time.

Reports from several countries, including India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka, indicate that more women and children died in the tsunami than men. Several reasons have been put forward for this sex difference in casualties: women were weaker; the clothes they were wearing hindered their ability to flee; they did not know how to swim or climb trees; they got delayed trying to rescue their children; they were on the shore selling fish/waiting for fish landings, and so on.

Whatever the reasons, more women and children fell victim to the tsunami. Reports describe the difficulty facing men now left alone to bring up children and run households, the anguish of parents whose children have been washed away, and the travails of women left without their husbands.

In this issue of Yemaya, we carry excerpts from several reports about women in tsunami-affected areas. We have a report on issues raised by women victims of the tsunami disaster, during public hearings held in Tamil Nadu, India. Women’s g