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Issue No:80
  • :0973–1121
  • :December
  • :2018

Samudra Report No.80, December 2018

Myanmar / Fisheries Governance

Confusion, Uncertainty

Ten years of freshwater fisheries governance reform in the Ayeyarwaddy region of Myanmar has led to greater democratization and decentralization, but problems remain

This article is by Yin Nyein (,Bobby( from the Network Activities Group, Myanmar,R. G. Gregory ( and Aung Kyaw Thein,( from the Pyoe Pin Institute, Myanmar

The decentralization of powers in the governing structures of the inland/freshwater fishery sector in Myanmar has brought about changes in fisheries governance, which can be characterized by three inter-related processes: movements of small-scale fishers (SSF) for greater fishing rights; multi-stakeholder engagement in the form of fishery partnerships; and policy reforms in fisheries co-management.

Following the decentralization of freshwater fisheries governance in 2008, the Ayeyarwaddy region passed a fishery law that recognized some rights of SSF, which were previously neglected in fishery legislation. The new fishery law of 2018 was promulgated to recognize the rights of SSF and the fishery co-management mechanism. In the intervening 10-year period, the fishery governance of the Ayeyarwaddy region gradually...

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