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Issue No:68
  • :0973–1121
  • :August
  • :2014

With a View of the Sea

October, and the sea this morning
rests its cheek against the quays;
the pattering upon the awning’s
seeds of the acacia trees,
keeping a beat. The blazing sun
is hoisting up out of the sea
a piercing stare that doesn’t burn,
just as the rowers sculling by
pierce the water, gazing up
at one far snowy mountaintop.

—from With a View of the Sea by Joseph Brodsky,
translated from the Russian
by Glyn Maxwell and Zakhar Ishov

Technology / GIS

North, South, East, West

The Geographic Information System (GIS) can prove to be an indispensable tool in the hands of fishermen

This article is adapted from a submission made by René-Pierre Chever (, an ICSF Member

The knowledge of a maritime fisheries territory that is generated through a mapping tool like the Geographic Information System (GIS) could well prove to be an ace in the hands of fishermen. European fishers, for instance, are taking up cartography to defend their rights. In Brittany, France, fishers who occupy maritime territories, although they do not legally possess them, have been able to “oppose” occupation by other parties, thanks to their application of GIS.

GIS is capable of organizing and presenting spatially referenced alphanumeric data on plans and maps. Geomatics (a hybrid of geography and computer science) enables data to be processed and geographic information to be diffused. Though GIS data is normally represented as two dimensional, it is possible to transform the information gathered into three dimensions by incorporating time series data to facilitate negotiation and decisionmaking. Fishers must be better able to claim their user rights as professionals in an equal manner with new, often...

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