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Issue No:68
  • :0973–1121
  • :August
  • :2014

With a View of the Sea

October, and the sea this morning
rests its cheek against the quays;
the pattering upon the awning’s
seeds of the acacia trees,
keeping a beat. The blazing sun
is hoisting up out of the sea
a piercing stare that doesn’t burn,
just as the rowers sculling by
pierce the water, gazing up
at one far snowy mountaintop.

—from With a View of the Sea by Joseph Brodsky,
translated from the Russian
by Glyn Maxwell and Zakhar Ishov


An Important First Step

A new training course from the Bay of Bengal Large Marine Ecosystem (BOBLME) Project will help build capacity in the ecosystem approach to ?sheries management in Asia Paci?c

This article is by Steve Needham (, Communications Consultant, Bay of Bengal Large Marine Ecosystem (BOBLME) Project

Often remote, and usually vulnerable, many small-scale fishing communities find existence literally ‘life on the edge’. Rarely involved in the management of the resources they depend upon (if indeed there is any actual management), many artisanal fishers find themselves chasing dwindling stocks and eyeing the future with the worried concern usually reserved for gathering storm clouds.

Effectively integrating resource users such as small-scale fishers into fisheries management has long been a challenge. One way of giving small-scale fishers a bigger stake in the management of the resources they rely upon is through the Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management (EAFM).

An innovative and participatory tool, EAFM promotes systems and decision-making processes that balance environmental, human and social well-being, within improved governance frameworks.

By involving all relevant stakeholders in a...

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