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Issue No:56
  • :0973–1121
  • :July
  • :2010

The Fisherwoman
The fisherwoman
in her boat
under the sky,
deep blue above,
deep blue below,
salty, skin
the fisherwoman

A soft song
o my love, o my lord,
carry me, float me, rock me, rescue me
a soft song for the fish and the sky
and the broad ocean and all the things on islands
that call to her.

Buildings, streets, people, suits
on green islands
across the ancient ocean,
the endless sleeping sea.

Through the light she sees the islands
and the fish watch
and wait.

—Janet Jackson


A Fisheye View

The international film festival, titled “Pêcheurs du Monde” (“Fishers of the World”), was held at Lorient, France, during 10-13 March 2010

This report is by Cornelie Quist (, Member, ICSF, who was part of the jury at the Pêcheurs du Monde festival

The second edition of the international film festival titled “Pêcheurs du Monde” (“Fishers of the World”) took place at Lorient, an important fishing harbour in the west of France, in Brittany, during 10 – 13 March 2010.  

The annual festival ( was organized for the second time by a committee headed by Alain Le Sann of the non-governmental organization (NGO), Pêche et Dévéloppement supported by a large group of local, highly dedicated volunteers and many regional sponsors. The festival took place at the graduate school, Lycee Dupuy de Lome, at Lorient. Along with the screening of films, there were also several side events, such as photo exhibitions, debates and lectures, in different parts of the town.

For four days, from morning to well past midnight, films were shown and afterwards discussions held about various global themes concerning fisheries and fishing communities worldwide. The films featured at the...

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