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Ecuador’s Constitutional Court enforces Rights of Nature to safeguard Los Cedros protected forest December 02,2021   |  Source: GARN Communications

In an unprecedented case the Constitutional Court of Ecuador used the constitutional provision on the “Rights of Nature” to safeguard Los Cedros protected forest from mining concessions. The Court voted 7 in favor and 2 abstentions.

With the ruling, the Constitutional Court must develop a binding jurisprudence in which the Rights of Nature, the right to a healthy environment, the right to water, and environmental consultation must be respected.

The court decided that activities that threaten the Rights of Nature should not be carried out within the Los Cedros Protected Forest ecosystem, which includes mining and all types of extractive activities. Water and environmental permits to mining companies must also be denied.

Two-thirds of the reserve is covered by mining concessions granted to the Ecuadorian state mining company ENAMI and its Canadian partner, Cornerstone Capital Resources. The Constitutional Court agreed in May 2020 to hear the case.

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