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70 coastal fishers in Somalia are setting out to strengthen the fisheries sector April 08,2021   |  Source: FAO

After years of livestock losses from droughts and multiple crises, fish have become a lifeline source of food for nutrition and income for coastal communities. The coasts sandy soils are not suitable for crops, and fishing and livestock are the main livelihoods. Much of the Somali coastline is likely to face acute food insecurity between April and June 2021, with long stretches in IPC Phase 3 (Crisis) or above, according to the latest technical release by FAO Somalia’s Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit (FSNAU). To help coastal communities increase their skills and boost incomes in the fisheries sector, FAO launched the project “Protecting, Improving and Sustaining Food Security in Rural Somalia” in January 2020. Since the project launch, three Coastal Fishers Schools (CFS) have been created in the villages of Zeylac, Lawyo Ado and Toqoshi within Zeylac District, Somalia.

“Our vulnerable coastal communities required projects like this, because before the project they didn’t have any technical skills to repair and maintain their damaged vessels, so the only option that they had was to carry their vessels to Djibouti for maintenance. But today they learned technical skills,” said Yurub Abiib Abdi, Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Livestock Development in


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