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Liberia fishermen complain about the quality of new fishing nets by Willie N. Tokpah April 08,2021   |  Source: FPA

Local fishermen in Liberia have criticized recent move by the National Fisheries and Aqua Culture Authority (NaFAA) to change their fishing nets.

The fishermen who spoke with FrontPageAfrica over the weekend said the fishing net intended to be distributed by NaFAA is not durable compared to the ones being used by them and will cost them serious losses.

They said, the decision to change their fishing nets is good, but it must be done with durable nets.

NaFAA recently disclosed the arrival of a huge consignment of internationally recommended threat free fishing net, expected to be distributed among fisher men who have met all tax compliance.

The arrival of the nets according to NaFAA, is a part of the World Bank sponsored project for Sustainable Management of Fishery Resources.

NaFAA said, the net exchange program will begin with Montserrado County, followed by other counties.

Acdordingly, the first set of beneficiaries will be fishermen at Banjor, Popo Beach, West Point and the King Gray fishing sites.

“This means all fishermen using the rubber nets or the monofilament nets will be required to turn over all their rubber nets to NaFAA team during the free distribution to receive the thread nets or the multifilament nets,” NaFAA said in a released.



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