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Fishermen in Dublin, Ireland, claim sea life facing wipeout April 07,2021   |  Source: Q102

The sea life around Dublin baby is facing a wipeout.

That's according to more than 40 fishermen who claim marine surveys are damaging fish and wildlife.

The surveys are being done as part of offshore wind farms.

Fisherman Paddy Macaulay told us that a previous windfarm survey on the seabed in 2011 "destroyed everything on the seabed".

He said: "All life that we sustain our living from was gone for two and a half years, and slowly it came back".

As part of the offshore licence, companies behind the wind farms are required to engage with the fishermen who claim that is not happening.

Gerry Copeland has been fishing for more than 30 years along the Codling Bank, Dublin Bay and Wicklow.

He said: "Whatever type of sound they are using it's actually killing the ground, it's killing the ground, these are Whelks, a Whelk is a sea snail. Fish can swim away, a Whelk can't.

"And we think that this survey, this sound they're using on the ground is actually killing the shells, and we are out there a long time, we see the ground we know the ground and we think that's what's happening".

People Before Profit's Richard Boyd Barret told us, the private companies behind these applications along the Codling Bank, are flouting their requirements of the offshore


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