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Sri Lanka Navy arrests 36 Indian fishermen for illegal fishing December 16,2020   |  Source: ColomboPage News Desk

Sri Lanka Navy, on two separate occasions, has arrested 36 Indian fishermen from Tamil Nadu for allegedly breaching the International Maritime Boundary Line (IMBL) and illegally fishing in Sri Lankan waters.

During Special operations carried out by the Sri Lanka Navy and Coast Guard in several sea areas of the island Tuesday (Dec 15) 36 Indian nationals were apprehended along with 05 fishing trawlers and fishing accessories.

Although operations to prevent poaching by foreign fishermen in Sri Lankan waters have been restricted since March this year due to COVID-19 concerns, the Navy resumed its raids on poaching, considering the impact of this wanton act on the livelihood of local fishing community and to protect the fishing resource of the country, as a result of the surge in the arrival of foreign fishing trawlers in Sri Lankan waters, the Navy Media Unit said.

Accordingly, Northern Naval Command, during a special operation in the sea area off the Delft Island had intercepted 03 Indian fishing trawlers and held 22 Indian nationals and those vessels for poaching in island’s waters.

Elsewhere in the sea area north of Mannar and west of Kudiramalei Point, 14 more Indian nationals and 02 fishing trawlers were held by the North Central Naval Command and Northwestern

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