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Online 2020 Tokyo Sustainable Seafood Symposium reaches biggest-ever audience by Chris Loew November 17,2020   |  Source: SeafoodSource

The Tokyo Sustainable Seafood Symposium 2020 took place earlier this month in an online format, replacing the in-person event which had drawn an increasing amount of attention and attendance for in the past few years for shining a light on issues of marine sustainability in seafood-loving Japan.

This year’s event schedule was expanded from two to six days, with presentations covering a dozen topics. Last year, 900 people attended the live event, but the online format of this year’s event gave co-organizers Naoki Asami, the managing director of Nikkei BP, and Seafood Legacy Founder and CEO Wakao Hanaoka hope that they would double attendance in 2020. Hanaoka said going virtual had not led conference sponsors to flee; the David and Lucile Packard Foundation and the Walton Family Foundation provided keystone support and 10 private companies also helped to fund the event.

Individual sessions of TSSS 2020 covered environmental, social, and corporate governance; local production and international certifications; food security; business, human rights and IUU fishing; investing tin the global ocean; corporate procurement; food culture; Japan and EU marine strategies; illegal fisheries in Asia; marine plastics; and technology and digital transformation.

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