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WTO Negotiating Group hears Brazil’s proposal on fisheries subsidies November 05,2020   |  Source: IISD

World Trade Organization (WTO) members continued discussions on addressing harmful fisheries subsidies throughout October. The 20 October meeting of the Negotiating Group on Rules heard a proposal from Brazil on percentage cuts to subsidies, and discussed the issue of proportionality in illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing violations.

Ambassador Santiago Wills (Colombia) introduced a draft consolidated text on 25 June, with the aim of concluding negotiations by the end of 2020, in line with SDG target 14.6. Throughout October, the Negotiating Group of Rules held several rounds of meetings to review the text and propose amendments. During a meeting from 7-8 October, the Group discussed whether and how to define what counts as “fish,” whether to allow subsidies in the aftermath of natural disasters or similar events, how to address maritime disputes, and the issue of territoriality.

On 9 October, heads of delegations met and said a revised version of the draft consolidated text would be helpful. Some members supported continued small group discussions to draft compromise language before presenting it to the wider group, while others expressed concern about not being included in smaller meetings. Members expressed different perspectives on the pace of the


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