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WTO fisheries subsidies negotiations chair introduces revised draft consolidated text November 03,2020   |  Source: WTO

At a 2 November meeting convened at the level of heads of delegations to the World Trade Organization, the chair of the Negotiating Group, Ambassador Santiago Wills (Colombia), presented a revised draft consolidated text for an agreement on fisheries subsidies. The chair said the updated document aims to clarify the text based on members’ discussions, and introduces wording to elaborate on placeholders, with a view to further focusing the negotiations.

“In putting forward this revision, I am mindful of the Trade Negotiations Committee guidelines that negotiating chairs, through the negotiating process, should aim to facilitate consensus and to seek to evolve consensus texts,” the chair said, noting that the revised consolidated text is without prejudice to any member's position. “I am confident that all delegations will find things to like in the changes that I am proposing, and that this revision thus will represent a step forward in the evolution of our work toward that full consensus.”

“Despite difficult circumstances, our Negotiating Group has managed to make progress with an exemplary level of engagement and participation. I am encouraged that we have been engaged in a genuinely intense and continuous negotiating mode,” the chair said. Excerpts from the


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