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Brazil's Navy creates commission to deal with marine pollution October 30,2020   |  Source: Xinhua

The Brazilian Navy has created a commission to monitor marine pollution from oil spills and other pollutants, according to a resolution published in Wednesday's edition of the Government Gazette.

The so-called Scientific and Technical Commission for the Monitoring and Neutralization of Marine Pollution Impacts by Hydrocarbons and Other Pollutants in the Blue Amazon, will be coordinated by the navy's General Directorate of Nuclear and Technological Development.

Blue Amazon is a political-strategic concept that encompasses Brazil's coastline and territorial waters, with the aim of making the population aware of the importance of maritime territory.

The commission, the text explains, will act as an advisory body to the commander of the navy and other government agencies, to promote dialogue, leadership and coordination of measures to address marine pollution and events such as the 2019 oil spill.

In September of last year, tons of oil washed ashore, polluting beaches, mangroves and other habitats along Brazil's northeast coast, as well as the coasts of the states of Espirito Santo and Rio de Janeiro to the south. The source of the spill was never determined.

The commission is expected to recommend ways to improve prevention, surveillance and control of environmental


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