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Sri Lanka Navy nabs several persons for illegal fishing September 25,2020   |  Source: Daily News

Naval operations conducted in the Eastern, North Central, Northern and North Western Naval Commands in the past week by the Sri Lankan Navy led to the apprehension of persons who had engaged in illegal fishing.

The Eastern Naval Command had apprehended nine persons who engaged in illegal fishing without a valid licence and using unauthorized fishing nets, during search operations conducted in the sea areas off the Round Island and Coconut Point in Trincomalee as well as in the lagoon of Kattankudy.

Meanwhile, the North Central Naval Command, during a search in the sea area off the Talaimannar Lighthouse, nabbed 10 persons without valid licences along with two dinghies and fishing nets which are banned. Another search carried out in Erukkulampiddy led to the apprehension of a suspect who had stored over 724kg of dried sea cucumber, exceeding the legal limit.

In another operation, the Northern Naval Command collared three persons engaged in illegal diving activities in the sea area off Talayaddy and seized one dinghy, 13 illegally harvested sea cucumbers and fishing gear owned by the suspects.

Three persons and two dinghies were held by the Northwestern Naval Command for engaging in trawling at the Soththupitiya Fishing Point. Along with the suspects over 59 kg of


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