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16 fishermen saved by Indian Coast Guard; trawler damaged by Manish K Pathak and Ram Parmar August 07,2020   |  Source: HT

The Indian Coast Guard (ICG) rescued 16 people after their fishing boat Dev Sandesh got caught in rough seas due to high wind speed, around 70kms off Arnala coast on Thursday. Meanwhile, a fishing trawler got lost in the sea after it was damaged by a stone barrier near the coast during the torrential downpour.

According to an ICG official, as the fishing boat got caught in very rough sea conditions, the fishermen sent alert messages to Yellow Gate police station on August 4 evening. The message was immediately conveyed to coast guard’s Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC), Mumbai.

MRCC Mumbai ascertained the exact location of the distressed fishing boat, activated the international safety net and also relayed messages to all the ships in the vicinity, specially transiting ships, to render assistance to the boat in distress, said commandant RK Singh, spokesperson of ICG.

An Offshore Supply Vessel (OSV) Greatship Asmi was located in the vicinity and was diverted for the rescue operation, added Singh.

However, due to worsening weather conditions, OSV Greatship Asmi was directed to keep a strict vigil. ICG then coordinated with another offshore support vessel Colonel SP Wahi and sent it to pick up the fishermen from the trapped boat.

After around six hours of


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