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Second coronavirus wave would be ‘catastrophic,’ Massachusetts fishermen say by MEGHAN OTTOLINI August 04,2020   |  Source: Boston Herald

Commercial fishermen and lobstermen in Massachusetts already “crippled” by the coronavirus pandemic say they fear a second wave in the fall would sink the industry.

“If there’s a shutdown then, it could be catastrophic,” said Joey Ciaramitaro, co-owner of Gloucester-based Captain Joe & Sons wholesale lobsters.

“Every man, woman, and child in the city of Gloucester would have to eat lobster every day to move those lobsters, for it to be productive price-wise,” Ciaramitaro said. “If there’s shutdowns, it’s crippling for the price, crippling for the industry.”

Most commercial casters make the bulk of their profits exporting their catch nationally and internationally.

“The lobster guys couldn’t get their lobster product to China. No one was buying. The restaurants weren’t buying any food — no one was going to the restaurants,” said Gloucester fisherman David Spence.

That drove some lobstermen to peddle their catchings right off the backs of their boats, for $2-3 a pound, much lower than market value.

“To do that day-in and day-out is not a sustainable model for them,” Ciaramitaro said.

Other lobstermen couldn’t afford operating costs like bait, fuel and labor to make it out to sea.

“Some guys never went out at all. They


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