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New £317,000 project launched on sustainable fisheries management in the Virgin Islands July 06,2020   |  Source: St Lucia News

The United Kingdom Government-funded Darwin Initiative has announced the projects funded under this year’s Darwin Plus scheme which provides grants to projects working on environmental issues in the UK Overseas Territories.

One of the successful projects in this latest funding round is a joint project being delivered by the UK Centre for Environment, Fisheries, and Aquaculture Science (Cefas), the Government of the Virgin Islands, and the Caribbean Natural Resources Institute (CANARI). This project will build capacity in fisheries evidence, networks, and management to support ongoing sustainable fisheries management.

This three-year project will review and consolidate existing evidence, data, and maps for the marine area, and produce a centralised fisheries database and fisheries evidence report to improve the capture and display of fisheries data and support future licensing and management decisions.

It will also strengthen fisherfolk capacity and engagement and facilitate the development of a formalised network of fisherfolk to enable a collective voice and greater participation in decision-making. In addition, the capability will be built with the Government of the Virgin Islands to support the ongoing management of the evidence base.

Minister for Education,

Theme(s): Fisheries Development and Aquaculture.

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