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Clash breaks out at fish market in Kerala, India, over COVID19, weather warnings July 05,2020   |  Source: The Hindu

A group of local fishermen on Sunday locked horns over the alleged violation of lockdown regulations at Chaliyam fish landing centre in Kozhikode in the south Indian state of Kerala. Tension prevailed in the area when a section of fishermen opposed the move of some of the other fishermen groups to venture into the sea ignoring the warning of the Fisheries Department.

The protesters who blocked the attempt claimed that those who tried to proceed to the sea were ignoring the alerts issued by the Meteorological Department regarding rough weather conditions. They also accused the rivals of violating social distancing rules and other curbs introduced along the coastal area for preventing COVID-19 infection.

The situation was brought under control with the intervention of policemen from various stations. Some of the fishers suffered minor injuries in the police action. They alleged that the police were trying to manhandle the protesters without understanding the issue.

A few days ago, there was a similar incident in which the local fishermen foiled the attempt of some of the boat owners to resume fishing with the support of migrant workers. Following the complaint, the police had put the migrant workers under quarantine. The area was volatile ever since.



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