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Don’t say COVID-19: Fishermen and women may pay with their lives by ANDREW ROSENBERG, DIRECTOR, CENTER FOR SCIENCE & DEMOCRACY June 30,2020   |  Source: UCSUSA

NOAA Fisheries (formally known as the National Marine Fisheries Service) has instructed its staff not to mention or explicitly refer to the COVID-19 pandemic or coronavirus in any communications. Instead, fisheries staff should talk about “existing health mandates and travel restrictions.”

Why? That’s not exactly clear, but it is no secret that the Trump administration has consistently downplayed concerns about the pandemic while loudly calling for reopening the economy. The result has been another dramatic dramatic increase in COVID-19 cases.

It seems NOAA learned nothing from that last such suppression of agency science, when the Trump administration’s NOAA suppressed an expert hurricane forecast to avoid contradicting the president sowing confusion among the public. Right now, the administration is actively trying to convince people that COVID-19 cases are climbing only because of increased testing despite the absurdity of that claim. All the real scientific evidence is that both cases and deaths have been underestimated by a wide margin.

Now fishermen and women, already engaged in one of the most dangerous jobs in the country, are not to be warned about further coronavirus-related risks. They work in confined spaces where distancing and personal protection

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