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COVID-19 pandemic, much like recent natural disasters, has created a dichotomy June 11,2020   |  Source: Norfolk Daily News

It was June 2010 and a devastating flood had wreaked havoc on parts of Norfolk overnight.

Farm fields were ruined. Businesses near the river in southern Norfolk were uninhabitable. Roads and bridges were closed or ruined. A life was lost because of the flooding.

But on this particular Saturday morning under clear skies, in the northern parts of the city, husbands and wives were walking their dogs. Others were getting in their morning run. Some were sipping coffee while on their decks or patios.

For some, it was as if it was just another summer weekend morning. For others, just the opposite.

A similar picture could be painted last summer when the historic flooding wreaked havoc on parts of Northeast Nebraska and spared others. Norfolk was largely fortunate; Niobrara and Verdigre, among others, were not.

We bring up those two disaster-related examples in light of this spring’s COVID-19 pandemic and the impact it has had on this corner of the state — as well as much of the world.

Once again, a situation basically out of anyone’s control has created — for lack of better terms — a world of “haves” and “have-nots.”

The “have-nots” have contracted the coronavirus and been hospitalized with severe health problems. Some have even died. Other


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