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Social distancing: When extreme weather and coronavirus collide by Navin Singh Khadka May 22,2020   |  Source: BBC News

People being displaced by extreme weather events around the world are being forced to break Covid-19 social distancing safety guidelines, according to the International Federation of Red Cross and other humanitarian agencies.

“Social distancing is no longer possible when displaced people are in evacuation centres,” Marshal Makavure, emergency operations co-ordinator of IFRC in Eastern Africa told the BBC.

“People have been forced to break the Covid-19 protocol and guidelines under such circumstances.”

The BBC has spoken with people living in areas affected by extreme weather events.

Subrat Kumar Padhihary, a 38-year-old farmer in Odisha state on India’s east coast, is worried.

Indian officials are on alert as Cyclone Amphan, due to hit West Bengal and Odisha on Wednesday, looks likely to intensify into a "very severe" storm.

Subrat’s village is nearly 40 kilometres from the sea. The house that he shares with his wife, three daughters and mother was badly damaged by Cyclone Fani last year, so he isn’t convinced it can withstand Cyclone Amphan.

But even if his house survives, he’s worried about having to leave his village if the authorities say people must evacuate.

Subrat feels that might be even more dangerous.

“My fear is that



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