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Conakry: fishing community to be evicted due to the enlargement of Hotel Noom’s parking by Joelle Philippe December 03,2019   |  Source: CFFA

Approximately 800 artisanal fishermen, women fish processors and fishmongers working on the landing and processing site of Kouléwondy, in the Kaloum municipality of Conakry are to vacate the area they have been using for a century. Last week, Guinean security forces came on the site without warning and teargassed the workers. The community then contacted the Fisheries and Maritime Economy Minister who responded he was not aware of the situation. Later, the Ministry authorities stated the community had been previously informed and told to vacate the area. The community insists they were never informed.

The authorities have asked the approximately 300 women fish processors to move their activities to another site, which is currently occupied by 350 other women and where the number of smoking kilns is already insufficient. The fishermen were also told to leave but they were given no alternative landing site. Since last Tuesday, the community has been sleeping in their pirogues and on the facilities as bulldozers have started scraping the site.

The reason for this eviction is the enlargement of Hotel Noom’s parking, owned by the Mangalis Hotel Group, a subsidiary of the international holding Teyliom, which was built 3 years ago on the peninsula. According to some local

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