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FAO, Italian research panel to cooperate on fisheries November 19,2019   |  Source: IANS

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation and Italy''s National Research Council (CNR) have agreed to strengthen their collaboration on iMarine, a cloud-based community platform to help improve fisheries management, FAO said in a statement on Monday.

The agreement assures that FAO''s extensive knowledge of fisheries and aquaculture will be further integrated in the iMarine''s portal and can be used in data research and development projects, the statement said.

It was signed on the sidelines of the first day of the International Symposium on Fisheries Sustainability that FAO is hosting this week.

The iMarine cooperation allows scientists from CNR and around the world to promote Open Data and Open Science. This is useful when defragmenting research data and also in developing reusable and cost-effective monitoring tools useful across marine and food sciences, the statement added.

The new Memorandum of Understanding aids cooperation in a range of areas from databases on vulnerable marine ecosystems, global atlas initiatives for tuna and aquaculture, fish stock assessment tools and the Global Record of Stocks and Fisheries, according to the statement.

The Global Record of Stocks and Fisheries provides support information allowing fisheries managers, policy

Theme(s): Fisheries Development and Aquaculture.

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