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Is Indonesia really top global tuna exporter? by Hendra Sugandhi, secretary-general of the Indonesian Tuna Association (ASTUIN) June 11,2019   |  Source: The Jakarta Post

The media, both local and foreign, have recently quoted Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister Susi Pudjiastuti as saying that Indonesia is the world’s largest tuna supplier.

The statement has gone viral on social media, but data and facts are needed to support such a claim so that the public receives the right information.

According to the Regional Fisheries Management Organization (RFMO), of which Indonesia is a member, global tuna catches in 2016 amounted to 4.86 million tons, while Indonesia’s tuna catch that was reported to the RFMO neared 670,000 tons, 75 percent of which came from the Pacific Ocean, while the remainder was from the Indian Ocean, including the expensive bluefin tuna.

Global tuna catches dropped to 4.73 million tons in 2017, when Indonesia’s reported tuna catch went down to nearly 598,000 tons. Indonesia’s tuna catch in the Indian Ocean was 131,600 tons, 375 tons of which was bluefin tuna, in the same year, according to Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC) data.

However, according to Indonesia’s country report, the tuna catch in 2017 exceeded 165,700 tons, or more than 34,000 tons more than the IOTC data indicated. Synchronization of data is imperative as the total catch would determine the amount of the variable fee Indonesia has to

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