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Carnival Cruise ship rescues fishermen who were stuck at sea for two days by Michael Hollan June 09,2019   |  Source: Fox News

Carnival Cruise Line ships keep coming to the rescue.

One of the cruise line’s ships heading towards Miami made a detour to come to the aid of a small fishing boat. Seven passengers were successfully rescued after reportedly spending two days stuck at sea.

Carnival Horizon was returning to Miami from Aruba on Friday when they were alerted to the smaller boat’s calls for help, Local 10 reports. Passengers took pictures as the boat rescued the seven Haitian fishermen. Horizon is still expected to return to Port Miami on Sunday as scheduled with the fishermen on board.

A spokesperson for Carnival provided the following statement to Local 10: ”Continuing its longstanding tradition of assisting mariners in distress, Carnival Horizon was alerted to a small craft in need of assistance. Following the direction of the U.S. Coast Guard, Carnival Horizon diverted its course and participated in a search and rescue mission, bringing several passengers from the craft on board. The passengers were given food, water and medical treatment. There is no expected impact to the ship’s arrival on Sunday.”


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