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‘We can no longer afford to let our women fishers remain invisible’: Fiji Minister by SWASHNA CHAND SUVA December 05,2018   |  Source: Fiji Sun Online

Women in Fiji, are increasingly moving away from traditionally defined areas of fisheries partici­pation and are taking on commercial and post-harvest activities, and setting up small-scale businesses.

This was highlighted by the Minister for Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation Mereseini Vuniwaqa at the Women in Fish­eries Forum at Paradiso Bistro in Suva yes­terday.

Ms Vuniwaqa said it was a common sight at any of the local municipal and roadside markets to see women engaging in seafood marketing activities, where they sell their products to a wide range of consumers for domestic and commercial use.

“Women fishers are still expected to fulfill their traditional duties and obligations, ob­viously because of the lack of recognition of their trade as a form of economic activ­ity, while having to keep up with modern market economy demands,” the minister said.

“It is important to understand the gender dimensions of fisheries as women make enormous contributions to fisheries and aquaculture supply chains that are almost unrecognised.

“We can no longer afford to let our women fishers remain invisible and I am extremely happy that organisations like the Women in Fisheries Network-Fiji are taking great strides in making the women fishers visible in our


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