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Overview of Indian fishermen arrested by foreign countries March 29,2012   |  Source: PIB

There have been reports of apprehension of Indian fishermen by the Sri Lankan authorities on charges of fishing related violations.

According to information available, in 2009, 127 fishermen along with 32 boats were apprehended, in 2010, 34 Indian fishermen and 4 boats were apprehended and in 2011, 164 Indian fishermen and 31 boats were apprehended by the Sri Lankan Navy. Further, as of 19 March 2012, 107 Indian fishermen and 20 boats were apprehended. All fishermen along with their boats were subsequently released by the Sri Lankan authorities. As per current information, there are no Indian fishermen or boats in Sri Lankan custody on charges of fishing related violations.

Upon receipt of information relating to the apprehension of Indian fishermen by Sri Lankan authorities, Government has, through diplomatic channels, immediately taken up the matter with the Government of Sri Lanka seeking the early release and repatriation of Indian fishermen along with their boats. In almost all cases, the Government of Sri Lanka has responded favourably and released the apprehended fishermen and their boats at the earliest.

Government attaches the highest importance to the safety, security and welfare of Indian fishermen. The issue has been consistently taken up with the Sri Lanka

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