Yemaya Survey

Yemaya Readership Survey

Dear Friend,
Greetings from ICSF, Chennai!

First of all, thank you for being a supportive reader of Yemaya. It's the thoughtful responses of readers like you that encourage us to continue to focus on issues related to gender in fisheries. To strengthen that commitment and improve the quality of Yemaya to better reflect your concerns and suggestions, we would be happy if you could spare a few minutes to fill in the brief questionnaire below.

Thank you.

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Do you like Yemaya:
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Do you read all of each issue, some of it, or very little of it?
Does it have the right size(no. of pages) and frequency of publication(thrice a year)?
Which format would you prefer?
  • Printed Email Web based
Do you access Yemaya on the internet via the ICSF website?
If so, has it been easy to read and download articles?
Are the articles in Yemaya relevant, well-written and informative?
Do you think Yemaya covers gender issues equally between North and South?
If not, how is it biased?
What type of articles would you like to see included more?
  • Personal tales/First-Person accounts
  • Organizational strategies/How-to pieces
  • Success stories - how we did that
  • Round-up/brief notices of gender-fisheries research projects.Links between scholarship and activism
  • Networking news - who is collaborating with whom on what?
  • Noticeboard for conferences/workshops/meetings
  • Profiles of women in fisheries
  • Creative pieces:poetry small artwork, prose, diaries...
  • Photos
  • The work of pro-women,pro-feminist,progressive men in fisheries
  • More book reviews
Any Other Reasons:
Do you like the design - the look and feel - of Yemaya? Should it change?
Do you like the illustrations in Yemaya? Should they be replaced by photographs?
Would you like to contribute to Yemaya? If so, please indicate your area of interest.
Would you like to receive reminders about forthcoming Yemaya issues and requests for article contributions?
Are there other people you know who might be interested in receiving Yemaya? If so, please give us their names and addresses.
Any other comments or suggestions:
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