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Issue No.3
  • :March
  • :2000

From the Editor

Greetings! We are happy to bring to you the third issue of Yemaya, the first in the year 2000!

The effort continues to develop Yemaya as a medium which ‘maintains’ links between women and men of fishing communities, fishworker organizations and NGOs/researchers working in different countries with small-scale fishworkers. Through Yemaya, the hope is that people from different countries will be able to follow important movements and initiatives relevant to fishworkers, especially women, elsewhere—and who can, therefore, be part of the work within their own context as part of this larger consciousness.

To make Yemaya accessible to a larger set of people, especially to people of fishing communities, its distribution is not being restricted to the electronic media. It is also being produced in three languages—English, French and Spanish. However, as we are all aware, people of fishing communities in different parts of the world communicate in a diversity of languages. For a genuine ‘engagement’ by people of fishing communities with Yemaya, much of the initiative will have to be taken by supporters at the local level in helping translate and making accessible the information contained in the publication, and in com