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Issue No.2
  • :November
  • :1999

From the Editor

Greetings! This second issue of Yemaya carries short articles from nine countries. Though from different parts of the world, through all of them, strikingly enough, run common themes.

All the write-ups speak of the lack of recognition of women within the fisheries sector, as fishworkers in their own right. They tell of efforts by women in different countries to assert their identities as fishworkers. They emphasize that fisheries is not only about harvesting of fish resources at sea—that it should more appropriately be seen as a system, which encompasses pre- and post- harvest activities, as also all types of harvesting activities.

The articles from Guinea Conakry, Gambia, Brazil and Pacific islands also bring out the important role of education and training—as defined by women fishworkers themseleves—in enabling women to assert their identity as fishworkers and to improve their economic and social status.

The response to the first issue of Yemaya has been largely positive. In particular, we would like to mention a letter from Mariame Kane of the women’s wing of CNPS, Senegal (reproduced on the last page), which suggests that by making possible an exchange between people of different continents—otherwis